India’s Revolutionary Missile Breakthrough! Watch as Akash-NG Dominates the Skies in Jaw-Dropping Test Flight!

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On Friday, India achieved a significant milestone in its military capabilities by successfully conducting a test flight of the new generation Akash-NG missile off the coast of Odisha. Launched from the integrated test range in Chandipur at 10:30 hours, the missile targeted a high-speed unmanned aerial target at a very low altitude.

The Defence Ministry reported that the test was a success, with the missile intercepting and destroying the target. This accomplishment paves the way for the commencement of user trials for the Akash-NG missile, which boasts a range of approximately 80 km.

The ministry highlighted the comprehensive validation of the entire weapon system during the flight test, including the missile with its indigenous radio frequency seeker, launcher, multi-function radar, and command, control, and communication system. The performance of the system was also verified through data collected by various radars, telemetry, and electro-optical tracking systems.

The test was observed by senior officials from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Indian Air Force, Bharat Dynamics Limited, and Bharat Electronics Ltd.

The Akash-NG system represents a cutting-edge missile system capable of intercepting high-speed and agile aerial threats, significantly bolstering India’s air defense capabilities. With a range of around 80 km, the successful development of this system was praised by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who commended the DRDO, the Indian Air Force, and the relevant public sector undertakings for their efforts.

DRDO Chairman Samir V Kamat also extended congratulations to the teams involved in the successful flight test of the Akash-NG missile, marking a crucial advancement in India’s defense technology.

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