Judge Slams Giuliani’s Legal Team in Election Case: Shocking Details Revealed!

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Judge Slams Giuliani’s Legal Team in Election Case: Shocking Details Revealed!

The judge overseeing the election racketeering case involving former President Donald Trump in Georgia heavily criticized Rudy Giuliani’s legal team on Friday, according to experts and court documents.

Judge Scott McAfee rejected Giuliani’s request for an extension to the Jan. 8 deadline for filing pre-trial motions in the Fulton County case, as revealed in court records. McAfee dismissed the argument presented by Giuliani’s lawyers that they lacked enough time to review extensive discovery materials and trial evidence.

McAfee pointed out the lack of specific details from the defense regarding remaining discovery materials and questioned why it hadn’t been completed in the four months since the arraignment.

Giuliani had been involved in a $148 million defamation lawsuit filed by two Georgia poll workers in Washington D.C., followed by a declaration of bankruptcy, potentially serving as a distraction.

However, McAfee criticized Giuliani’s attorneys for failing to specify the materials yet to be reviewed and the required time for their review.

The judge also verified Giuliani’s claims about filing numerous discovery-related motions but found no evidence of such motions on the docket.

MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann reviewed the motion and commented on the severity of the criticism directed at Giuliani’s legal team.

Weissmann’s followers echoed his sentiments and mentioned reports of Giuliani’s former attorneys suing him for $1.4 million in unpaid legal fees, suggesting that non-payment might affect the quality of legal representation.

Ken Cox highlighted the impact of non-payment on attorneys’ dedication and speculated about the possibility of Giuliani eventually needing a public defender for better representation.

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