NFL Shocker: First-Ever Playoff Game Exclusive on Peacock! Fans Furious

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The NFL postseason begins this upcoming weekend, and there’s a consensus among supporters of all teams: it’s disappointing that the AFC playoff game will exclusively air on Peacock, courtesy of the NFL and NBC.

Indeed, if you wish to catch the Kansas City Chiefs taking on either the Pittsburgh Steelers or Miami Dolphins, access to the game will necessitate a subscription to Peacock.

While the NFL has gradually entered the streaming domain in recent years, this occurrence marks the inaugural instance where fans are compelled to pay extra for a playoff game. The principal motivation behind this move? Simply put-financial gain.

Here’s how much NBC is paying for this game:

Peacock is paying in the range of $110M to exclusively carry a playoff game. The game they are getting is a Chiefs / Patrick Mahomes game.

FWIW: My comment section is not happy.— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) January 8, 2024

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