2024 Election Showdown: Trump’s Lead Wanes, Biden Surges Among Voters!

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The upcoming 2024 presidential election may feature a rematch between the contenders from the 2020 election, where Joe Biden emerged victorious over Donald Trump.

Recent national polls among registered voters continue to show a closely contested race for the 2024 election.

President Biden and former President Trump have maintained their positions as the leading figures for the Democratic and Republican parties respectively in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

According to the latest Republican voter poll conducted by Morning Consult, Trump holds a significant lead with 66% support, marking his largest lead since polling began in December.

While Trump has consistently maintained a lead over other Republican contenders, he remains neck and neck with Biden in hypothetical matchups.

In the most recent poll, Trump garnered 42% of the vote while Biden received 41%. Independent voters showed varying preferences, with Biden at 32% and Trump at 36%. Eleven percent opted for Someone Else, and 5% chose Don’t Know.

The poll revealed minor fluctuations in support for both candidates compared to previous weeks. Trump dropped from 44% in the prior week, while Biden decreased by one point from 42%. Three weeks ago, both candidates were tied at 43% support.

The survey also indicated changes among Independent voters, with Biden gaining two percentage points while Trump lost four percentage points from the previous week’s poll.

Furthermore, the survey found that 85% of Republicans supported Trump, down two percentage points from the previous week. Among voters who backed Trump in the 2020 election, 87% continue to support him, a slight decrease from earlier.

Similarly, 84% of Democratic voters supported Biden, up from 83% in the previous poll. However, the survey also noted a decrease in support among voters who previously backed Biden in 2020, dropping from 82% to 80%.

The latest poll marks Trump leading Biden for the third consecutive week and the sixth time in the past seven weeks.

In the last 14 weeks, Biden was tied with Trump five times, led ahead three times, and lagged behind six times. Earlier polls consistently showed Biden holding a narrow lead of one to two percentage points since polling commenced in December.

Another survey found Trump leading among registered voters in seven swing states that were crucial in the 2020 election, five of which flipped from Democrat to Republican, ultimately securing Biden’s victory.

These poll results come before several January events preceding the primary elections in various states.

Biden is scheduled to visit historical sites, including the Valley Forge area in Pennsylvania, to address the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and emphasize the significance of the 2024 election. He will also visit the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, to highlight the stakes of the election.

Trump is set to participate in a town hall event on Fox News on Jan. 10, bypassing a Republican primary debate.

Biden has seen increased support among Democratic voters, reaching his highest support in a separate poll. He gained 81% support among Democrat voters, surpassing other contenders.

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