Shocking Poll Reveals FBI’s Alleged Role in Capitol Attack: What Republicans Believe Will Stun You!

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Three years post the violent intrusion at the Capitol by a mob, recent polling data discloses that about a third of Republican voters presently entertain the belief that operatives within the FBI might have fueled the January 6 attack. These revelations stem from a notable new survey conducted jointly by The Washington Post and the University of Maryland. Within the broader populace of U.S. adults, approximately a quarter appear inclined to consider this assertion ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ true.

This revelation coincides with President Joe Biden’s upcoming inaugural campaign event for the year, focused on highlighting the significance of democracy. The event is scheduled to take place near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, setting the stage for a potential rematch in an arena where former President Donald Trump has consistently drawn attention to incarcerated rioters and expressed intentions to grant pardons to a significant number of them. Respondents participating in the survey were probed about their belief in the statement: ‘Do you believe it’s true or false that FBI operatives orchestrated and encouraged the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021?’

This query points towards conspiracy theories concerning a ‘false flag’ operation, theories that have been explicitly refuted by the FBI. Despite around 700 individuals having pleaded guilty to charges related to the January 6 incident, including trespassing on Capitol grounds and assaulting law enforcement officers, skepticism continues to persist. Visual evidence circulated widely on social media and scrutinized by the House January 6 committee showcases rioters using flagpoles and fire extinguishers as weapons while breaching police barricades. On that fateful day, 140 police officers stationed at the Capitol sustained injuries.

The belief in the FBI conspiracy appears notably pronounced among Trump supporters and within the Republican faction. At a rally held in Waco, Texas, Trump commenced the event with a choir composed of January 6 inmates performing the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ Among his supporters, a significant 44 percent firmly believe or consider it likely that FBI operatives orchestrated or promoted the attack. Within the overall Republican demographic, 34 percent lean towards this belief, while another third remain uncertain, and 30 percent dismiss it as ‘probably’ or ‘definitely’ false.

The poll further reveals that 11 percent of Americans claim there is ‘solid evidence’ supporting the theory of FBI orchestration, while an additional 13 percent harbor ‘suspicion only.’ The FBI vehemently denies these allegations, a stance reiterated by Trump-appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray, who labeled the idea as ‘ludicrous.’ However, Trump indicated during a May CNN town hall that he might consider pardoning a ‘large portion’ of January 6 defendants.

A recent Suffolk University poll underscores that two-thirds of Trump supporters (67 percent) harbor doubts regarding Biden’s legitimate election as president in 2020. These doubts stem from Trump’s persistent claims of election fraud and his adamant stance that he was the rightful victor.

Despite these doubts, multiple courts have dismissed election fraud claims made by Trump allies in 2020. Notably, a Washington D.C. jury recently awarded $140 million to two Georgia election workers who sued former Trump ally Rudy Giuliani for defamation after he accused them of tampering with the vote in their state, which ultimately favored Biden.

These revelations from the polls serve as a backdrop for an anticipated, closely contested potential rematch. Biden centers his reelection campaign around themes emphasizing democracy, while Trump intensifies his criticisms against Biden, focusing on issues such as migration, inflation, and allegations of corruption. Trump’s congressional allies have directed their efforts toward what they term the ‘weaponization’ of the federal government, all while Trump maintains support from his political base despite facing four criminal indictments.

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